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Sunday, April 30, 2006

4/20/2006 & Earth Day 2006

Mat found a friend at the playground when we went to the 4/20 celebration at Redwood Park.

I remember the old day's of pulling the "Superman" on the swing. Mat had fun.

This is around 5:30 and many of the people are gone. It was twice this packed earlier. People of all types were in attendance and there was more smoke in the air than anywhere outdoors I'd ever been! ;)

In this picture I accidentally caught a girl in the foreground tossing frisbee at the perfect time.

A closer shot to the smaller redwoods on the perimeter of the park and the people in front.

My beautiful girls and the big boy! Also my icognito Shark to drink and bag full of goodies! ;)

Here's a good picture of one of the crazy bikes there are here that we're always seeing. He's up at around 4 1/2 feet at seat level.

Here's a shot Athena took of me and Mat at our 4/20 folf session after the Redwood Park. We're at the Mad River course here.

Here's one of Athena throwing (while bracing Avi for the throw) with Avi in the carrier while Matrim looks on.

Here is one of what looks at first to be Mat asleep on the bean bag and Bronco blanket.

Hmmm...our bean bag seems to be getting bigger...

Are those feet...?

Haha, it must be the Wicked Witch of the West (Humboldt is about as far west as you can go in this country) sticking those feet out from under the blanket.

Mat pushed Athena off the bean bag in his sleep and she is such a deep sleeper that she didn't even wake up. =>

This is an Earth Day picture of me and Mat. We decided to go down and check out a new beach and some new scenery. This is about 30 feet above the ocean waves that you have to walk across a fairly steep and narrow path to get to (keep in mind I'm fairly prone to vertigo and don't enjoy heights any more in my old age, lol). It was about 60 degrees (which here feels more like 70 in Utah) and just a little breezy...a beautiful day!

Athena, Avi, and Mat were looking good in good scenery. ;>

Athena took this shot from up the path.

Here I come down the end of the path. Good, I can relax... Those side go fairly straight down once you get out of the camera's view.

The road that leads from the area we had to park at to the path down to the new beach is closed. We found out why, but not what caused it for sure. Wouldn't want to try that, even in the AWD Suby.

I snapped this shot of the coastline as we walked on the busted road.

Here's Athena, Avi, and Mat walking up the other end of the road.

We made it down to the beach and found it to have rockier sand than we like since we like to throw our softest putter or a football, let alone just walking in softer sand is nicer. It was also a little wet still, but very pretty. There was a water fall that came down the hill, across the rocks, and to the ocean.

We walked back to the car and went down the other side to a beach we'd been to once and had liked. (Can't remember the names of the beaches. Athena would have to remind me...). This run-off is a little bigger and deeper than the last one (at Athena's waist in the middle). ;) Athena and I both waded it, but decided we better just stay on the car side so we wouldn't have to wade it again and get in the car at sunset. Mat had a great time!

Here's a picture up stream.

And here's one downstream to the ocean.

Here's Aviendha, chillin in her carseat, on the beach.

Matrim, digging around in the sand while Athena and I throw a mini football. (Athena can throw pretty good!)

Matrim and Mom playing some catch. =>

There's the fam, taking a break from playing.

We all like to sit together and watch the sun go down before we leave the beach (weather permitting, of course).

It's almost down.

This is one of the last ones I got before it slipped below the horizon. A good lookin, white dog of some sort cruised into view as I snapped the picture. It turned out to be a great Earth Day for us and we celebrated it well.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

April Through Easter

Well it's been awhile since I had a chance to get up new pictures and comment has been busier than usual here. For anyone who has commented lately, check the comment section again. :)

Aviendha has taken an interest in toys almost from the beginning. She likes to play in her swing.

My girls, all partied out.

The kids sure like to nap with Mom on the bean bag.

Asleep in the swing. She's too cute...gonna be trouble!

Getting some "Tummy Time" exercise. She can scoot, but still working on crawling.

Aviendha's first try at rice cereal. She did amazing for her first try!!

She opened up and knew almost exactly what to do. It's funny, she loves to watch us eat and I think she was just excited to join us.

LOL, Mat can fall asleep anywhere.

Kickin back in the bouncy chair.

Avi loves her carrier. Especially facing front like that.

Matrim likes doing the eggs.

Dad's turn.

Overhead shot.

Mom making a three colored egg.

Matrim running out to see if the Easter Bunny had come. :)

He went for the pinwheel first. I haven't seen one of those in quite a while.

LOL, Dad hates that game, but Mat likes it.

Mat has tons of books and loves them all.

He's found the candy!

Mom shows Avi her Easter clothes.

Mat is on the hunt.

There's Dad's orange and blue egg. He had fun trying to find all the eggs, especially when he found one.

Matrim helping Mom with the Easter breakfast. Muffins and scrambled eggs... Mmmm, my favorite!

Here come the teeth. Time for the teething toys.

Dad and Avi watching Mom and Mat play his new game.

Avi in her new clothes.

Mat getting his new clothes.

Matrim opening his DVD's from Grandma.

Mat getting more books.

Mat is getting pretty good at Folf.

More candy, oh no!

Aviendha, laughing at one of her new toys.