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Friday, January 27, 2006

New in 2006

Well it's been quite the busy January for us. New Years Eve morning the power went out and stayed out for 36 hours. About 90 percent of Humboldt county either had their power go out or was flooded. Some places it stayed out for a week or so. This inspired us to get prepared for circumstances like this, so we have been trying to do that. Also, since this is our 1 year anniversary living at this house, we have been re-decorating and getting rid of alot of clutter. We've been watching the Broncos in the playoffs too, so close to the Super Bowl. ..So, heres some pics... February we will try to be a little more consistant with the posts :)

This picture is actually from the first day or two that Avi was home. Somehow it didn't get posted back then so here it is now. That's her blanket from Grandma Lindley.

Matrim got some DVD's from Uncle Luke.

One of Mat's favorite new toys.

Our adorable, little Bronco fan!

Chillin' in the swing until she passed out.

The clothes Grandpa D sent that Avi is wearing are super soft.

We almost caught a smile here, but we missed it, so it's a little grin instead!

Here's a yawn. Everything she does is adorable! ; )

Here's Matrim, wearing his pants old man style to get a laugh. : )

Aviendha likes her bouncy chair. She's got her blanket from Grandma Hope on.

Mat likes making Gage laugh.

Alisha and Gage are playing with Mat. He's rocking his new shirt.

Gage and Aviendha. Can't wait until she can sit up on her own. : )

She did an awesome job figuring out the bottle! We're sure proud of our beautiful little girl!

January in the Garden. Athena's arm is in the foreground for size reference.

What a couple of great kids!

Finally! Aviendha loves to smile, but it's not easy to catch one on camera because she doesn't hold them long. Here's the first real one we've caught on camera as she's about to fall asleep with Athena. She loves her Mom so much!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Super Busy!

Well, it's been busy as hell here lately! I'll get an update post with more new pics here soon though. Just wanted to let you all know to check back soon.

Alisa: Hey Cuz! Great to hear from you! We'll definitely have to call when we can make it out next; probably around the first week of March or so... And don't worry, I always come prepared. ; ) Keep in touch here or my blog and we'll see you soon!