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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Coming to Town

For anyone who will be visitable, the Mannimals are coming to town for the holidays! Get in touch or we'll call you all when we're on our way to make plans.
We are planning a Birthday Party for Athena (on Orgasm for Peace Day on Fri. Dec. 22.) and any friends of ours are invited to join us.
Also unless something really fun comes up we'll be having another party for New Years Eve on Sun Dec. 31! Either join us or let us know if something fun is happening. ;)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Aviendha's 1st Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVIENDHA!!! We can't believe that you are already 1 year old. It's been a great year spent with you, our precious baby girl, whose smile never fails to light up the room! We love you!

Gettin' ready for a birthday breakfast

Avi can use a spoon, but still lets mom feed her.

Checkin' out her birthday card from Gramma Maggie.

Mat loves to help Avi open her presents

An adorable hat and mittens from Gramma Maggie for the cold weather.

A cute jacket to go with them.

A super-cute hippie outfit-she'll be wearing this today.

and her 1st baby doll from gramma Maggie- it smell like vanilla.

We went to out to eat for lunch, and then we went to the zoo in Eureka.

Avi wasn't very excited about this horse...

Avi likes the tractor with her brother a little better . Mat is giving his fake smile.

Another tractor shot.

Another horse shot.

I later saw the sign "Please keep hands away from the llama's face"

Avi was fascinated by the monkeys.

Avi wondering "what the heck is the point of this?"

We got home and opened more presents.

This is the toy Mat picked out for Avi.

One from Mom.

Dad got Avi an early present, a pair of made-in-California hemp pants that are really comfy and adorable. (not pictured)

After dinner we sung "Happy Birthday" to Avi

The cake: vanilla cake with home-made raspberry fluff frosting.

"Mmmm... this is my favorite part of the whole day!"

Milk to go with it.

Gettin' messy. Not quite as messy as Mat on his first birthday though.

After she inhaled the first piece we let her have seconds... you only turn 1 once.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Mannimals Holiday Wish List

Here is a wishlist our family has kept around and updated occasionally. Anyone wanting any gift ideas for our family can check here or go with your gut. :)
(Please refrain from purchasing anything for our family from stores that are on our Boycott list or from anywhere you assume the Mannimals would not want to support, Thanks!)

Bikes (Athena and Eric)

Air Compressor (Family)

Hard-back Wheel of Time books 5 and 6 (Athena and Eric)

Tripod(s) for Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera and/or Panasonic PV-GS31 Digital Video Camcorder (I'm not sure if they would take different ones or 1 tripod for both). (Athena and Eric)

SD Memory Card for Panasonic PV-GS31 Digital Video Camcorder (Athena and Eric)

Dutch Oven Set (Athena)

A Hatchet (Eric)

Cordless Phone (Athena and Eric)

Punching Bag (Family)

Rechargeable Battery Sets w/Charger (Family)

Adjustable Basketball Hoop (w/quality backboard/rim) (Family)

2 High-quality CD cases that hold 150 CDs or so (Athena and Eric)

Good water filter (Reverse Osmosis etc.) (Family)

Small coffee maker (Athena)

Mattress pad (queen) (Athena and Eric)

Queen sheets (high thread count) (Athena and Eric)

Road Trip visits from friends and family (Family)

Kids clothes (Avi is wearing 24 months and Mat is at size 6)

Quality drink shaker (Eric)

Good quality garlic press (Athena)

Gift Certificates to local stores (family)

Rice cooker (Athena)

Educational Toys (Avi and Mat)