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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2 Days at the End of June: Shirts From Italy From Grandpa D

Avi is sporting her new shirt but Mat is going to wear his tomorrow.

What a super-stud!


Friday, January 25, 2008

Has it been SO long!?

I hope you are ready because a lot has happened in the past 7 months or so since we last got a post up.  We have been busy as a family, both learning and growing together and off on many adventures!  Here is the first one, picking up where we left off with the last post.  This is our trip we took to Oregon over Father's Day.  It was our first trip along the coast of Southern Oregon, and it was a beauty.  Here are about 200 pictures covering our vacation.  In the first group are pictures of coastline and places we got out to hike or take in a view (and there were plenty of spectacular ones):

These rocks make up a pretty good whale when viewed from the right spots.

Sections of the forest floor were blanketed with these swirly leaves.

Can you see the critters on the beach?

Dad loves his sweet little Angel, and his big feller!

The two holes both go all the way through, making this rock look like part of a giant skull or snout.

This next group of pictures is from a cool, petting safari we found along the coast as we headed north.  Of course I had to spoil Athena and the kids, so we stopped to check it out.  There are caged animals as well as a bunch that just roam free through out the park.  Also there is a petting station where they rotate bringing out animals that can be handled with a trainer nearby:

No, Athena... We can't take it home!

It took Avi most of the time to warm up to the roaming animals.  We couldn't help laughing as she started to freak out at this persistent baby goat.

Mat was fearless though.

Ok, while these four horned sheep might not look it in the pictures, they are some of the most miserable creatures we have ever seen.  Their bleat is like they are begging you to put them out their misery. "Ki-ii-ii-il Me-ee!  Ki-ii-ii-il Me-ee Plea-ea-se!", they bleat at you.

And here are more coastal pictures as we continued North:

What a beauty!

A fine looking couple!

A friendly passerby offered to take one of us.

This place was delicious!!

Ok. The following pictures are from a dinosaur park we found further up the road, and we thought we would surprise Mat and stop in.:


After the dino park we continued North until we hit Coos Bay and dark.  We decided to call it good for the night and stayed there (although Gold Beach and Bandon? were much prettier).  After our night in Coos Bay, we decided to head back South and stop in Gold Beach (awesome place to stay on the beach in S. OR) for a couple nights before heading home:

A bridge in the middle of Gold Beach that crosses the Rogue River.

The resort we stayed in had it's back to the Rogue River and its side to the ocean.  This is the view out the river, to the ocean.

And this is the view back South into Gold Beach, and the bridge we crossed over the Rogue.

Gold Beach, close to sunset.

I love when there's a moon out for sunset...even a little one.

Gold Beach at night.

Our room was great!  We had two floors with many of the necessary and fun items stocked that you would expect from a nice place.

We built a little fire and it was a romantic and cozy night of fun.

Avi is done for.

The "play-pen" for the kids while mom and dad hurry and get ready for the day.

Dad's little cutie is on the loose!

What a great big boy!

The view from upstairs.

I love the low flying clouds!

These last 2 where from the Folf Course in Crescent City at the top of California.  The course was under construction though, so we didn't get to play it yet.

And these last are from just north of home where we spotted elk and stopped for some pictures.  We finished the vacation with a lunch at a new Mexican restaurant that was delicious!

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