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Monday, October 16, 2006

Update for Sept.-Oct. 2006

It's been a busy month but things are going well. We've been out for some folfing and to the beach a couple times but we forgot the camera and so only have pictures from around the house. The kids are doing great. Avi is crawling everywhere and Mat is about to start tumbling again. Harley is enjoying his folfing/beach experiences as well and most mornings a walk with Athena and Avi too. We miss everybody and are excited to get to come home for our first x-mas since we moved. Mat's excited for Halloween. He's going to be a ghost pirate since he wanted to be something scary while Avi is going to be a Care Bear (she's my little Avi Bear). Athena continues to do well at work so that's another plus. Ok, here's the pics.

This is from the end of September. Avi is sporting a new toy and outfit from Gramma Maggie.

She's starting to get the waving and the hand clapping down. I've never seen such an intelligent/cute little girl!

The kids love when Mom reads them stories.

Different story, different day. :) The Broncos won the game earlier in the day with a whole lot of defense.

Avi's flashing one of her various adorable smiles while clapping.

Mat's not looking too happy in this picture but he was looking handsome so I took a picture of him.

Avi on the loose! She tried for awhile without getting frustrated to reach anything in the cupboard, but to no avail.

This little cutie is going to be a handful! ;)

Mat doing some coloring at his new art desk/t.v. tray.

My little stud, playing with play doh.

Matrim is wearing the mask that came with his sword for his Halloween costume while playing some Madden. He's a great boy.